Sagittarius Strengths and Weakness


Sagittarius zodiac is represented by a bow and an arrow. These people are curious and philosopher in nature having a specific aim. These people love to wander and do not stick to one place. Their daily work should be creative and changing because for them repetition is boring.

Their curiosity leads them to explore the world, people of different kinds and attaining pleasures of life. Mainly these people form larger groups so that they are occupied with them while traveling.

They may be impatient sometimes with the people staying with them for long.  Spiritualism is something they abide by as it helps them in gaining peace and harmony. This is also to know people and what’s the reason behind such things. Being an inquisitive mind their thirst for knowledge is immense and this is inherent in them.  You might know few Sagittarians who is in Astrology or Philosophy.

These people are highly intelligent and need the motivation to keep them progressing.  They are entertaining and people love their company. You won’t get bored with a Sagittarian.

Strengths of a Sagittarius

These people are rated under the most optimistic people amongst other zodiac signs.  They love humanity and craft a great companion and friend. They are filled with warmth and generosity which makes them friendly. They love sharing positivity wherever they go and their knowledge of spirituality so that others get benefitted.

They are true explorers and want an adventurous life. They are similar to child, clear heart and straightforward. You don’t have to guess as they speak their mind every time.

Clarity of temperament and uncomplicated nature is their key to hold many hearts. People love them anyway and they always mark the right place.

Sagittarians are creatively minded in every form of life. They like to taste new delicacies, met new people, explore different places etc, in short, live livelily. Their emotional intelligence makes them a good listener and an awesome friend. They are interesting because of their knowledge and experiences.

The weakness of a Sagittarius

Being open-minded natives Sagittarians cannot tolerate close-mindedness. They get bored easily; it’s almost hard to keep them stick to the plan. Sometimes they change their minds very often which might irritate a few people.  It is like one day they say something and another day they change their mind, they accept this fact and cannot be said as a liar.

Don’t even try to bind them as they cannot be seated for the long run. For them sometimes their optimism is not what they see and this lands them in trouble. Whenever you think he is interested in the job he might think of leaving the same. They are a good planner but generally don’t follow their path. They get distracted easily. They are competent people but they don’t apply things especially when it is for a long period.

In Summary

Although every Sagittarian is different in its own few attributes are common in all.

Positives of a Sagittarius native are Ambitious, Lucky, Moral, Spiritual, Optimistic, Open minded, Versatile and Enthusiastic.

Negatives of a Sagittarius native are-Blindly Optimistic, Gluttonous, Easily bored, Restless, Tactless, Lazy and Irresponsible.

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