Sagittarius Child Names

Sagittarius Child Names

Be ready for a surprising and adventurous journey as it begins with your Sagittarius child. People born under November 22nd and December 21st are Sagittarians. From the very start these children’s being a fire sign will be robust and enthusiastic in nature and will explore the world in their kind. Your exciting phase of life is going to begin soon, buckle up ladies.

The ruling planet of this sign is gigantic Jupiter which leads them for expansion of thoughts and optimism. This sign represents the age of 56 to 63 by neglecting the stress and obligations of the past. They are self-committed people and want to explore the world with their loved ones. This zodiac is represented by an archer who means that they know their goal and wants to reach heights.

They cannot stay alone and will need a companion; hence your baby’s early age will be spending in soothing and holding throughout. If you are not around a comforting toy that is attached to him will do the job. If he is bestowed with love, care, and little security at the beginning he/she will become a lively, self-governing and active adult.

If he is getting all love and care, he will be a happy, cheerful and lovely child who will be the center of attraction. They are curious little ones and will ask you many questions, be ready. They are generally open when it comes to feelings but if hurt they keep it deep inside and carry it alone.

They are generous and simple being but those who find them naughty can get them into action. This is expected from a fun loving person who is light-hearted and social human.

They are grounded in nature and stick to the rules rather being with some flimsy thing unless it gives you peace. They will warn you if they find something fishy at a premature stage. Make rules that are grounded and your child understand them. Your little one will make sure to abide by your convention only if he has comprehended it.

Sagitarius baby

These lovely newborns should get a lively, generous, heartily names that suit their personality. What have you thought about it? Let’s bring his/ her personality to the world by their lovely names. So this list of few names accordingly will help you in the same.

Sagittarius Girl NamesMeaningSagittarius Boy NamesMeaning
ArdelleWarmArcherSymbol of Sagittarius
BridgetIrish god of FireCatoGood judgment
ClaireClear, BrightChristopherPatron saint of travelers
GypsyBohemian TravelerHughBright mind and spirit
JocelynLight heartedIvorArcher
MaiaRoman goddess of fireJovianAnother name of Jupiter
SamiraEntertainingPhilipHorse Lover
VerityTruthTateHappiness bringer

Famous Sagittarius Celebrities

Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Sia, Nicki Minaz, Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, Katie Holmes, Rita Ora, Walt Disney, Billy Idol, Jay Z, Steven Spielberg and many more.

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