Sagittarius Woman in Love

Sagittarius Woman in Love

This woman does not waste time and is quick in all forms. She falls in love quickly and loves passionately. Being a combination of the two fastest elements i.e. fire and air this woman is attracted by strong communication and develops feelings even when he is not sure or has strong feelings. Her lust for human contact tricks her sometimes and to make her happy many advantages are taken.

The problem begins when her happiness is totally dependent on others; her masculine Sun has driven her in search of a partner for happiness and fun in her life. She needs to do self-actualization and find happiness in her. When she does this she will be happy with anyone in her life because she is the one who can make herself happy.

The Sexuality of a Sagittarius Woman

This woman is lively and this applies to her bedroom too. She might get her hand stuck in your pocket while taking out protection or if she sees you naked she might laugh out loud, don’t be surprised. She is spontaneous and in the matter of sexes a clumsy partner. Her coyness and childish behavior step out every time and she enjoys every moment.

To have a good time she will give her best shot. She is in search of a secure partner who is mature enough to handle things. She will love to be with a friend zoned, light-hearted and enjoyable lover.

Relationship with a Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman values all relationships. She loves every human being and is a spirited soul who believes in humanity. She wants everyone to be happy around her. For this she will push a lot, sometimes this may be unrealistic and makes her complicated to justify her but she wasn’t wrong. If you are thinking to change her don’t even think because you will not succeed.

She is a self-competent lady and if she is hurt many times this may lead her to become naïve and judgmental. Still, she will try to make everyone happy. You can make her happy only in one condition respect her and love her unconditionally.

Sagittarius Woman in Love
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Trusting a Sagittarius Woman

She cannot lie; she fails if she tries to. if you notice a Sagittarius girl cheating then her Sun is definitely in her zodiac. She falls in love easily and might develop feelings for many men at the same time and won’t hide it from all. Her honesty makes her life easy and when she tries to lie she will be caught red-handed.

Looking Forward to Date a Sagittarius Woman

She loves adventure and wants excitement in life. Things that are repetitive are not her zone.  She cannot rely on many people for fun; this is to be realized by her. Even at her 50’s she will remain active and will never settle down with same household routines like cooking, dishwashing etc. She is an extraordinary lady with whom you will never get bored. Don’t let her go.

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