Sagittarius Zodiac Personality Traits

Sagittarius Zodiac Personality Traits

Sagittarians are strong-willed and adventurous people who choose interesting paths for themselves. They aren’t afraid of anything and possess leadership qualities. They follow their path in spite of the fact what others will be thinking about them.

They are the solo traveler and adventure explorer. They love challenging their minds and project inner self with creativity. This makes their work distinct and you will notice much Sag’s extending towards movies and books.

These are open-minded, big-hearted and kind humans. They live on a philosophy live and let live.

They extend help to people whenever they are in need. They are truthful people this sometimes may hurt feelings of others. They are good mediators and judgment givers as they first step into the shoes of the people and then make decisions.

He will keep all your secrets buried deep in his heart so whenever you need a companion you can open up to them.

In bed also they are adventure seekers. They love to try the new toy, new positions and everything that’s not a part of the routine. Whether it is making love outdoors or keeping the lights on, they are ever ready. They are true in their relations and expect the same from the other. He will be emotionally attached to you and will listen to you but won’t get in the trap of emotional blackmailing.

He is a genuine friend and a creative thinker, a great person for teamwork as their energy is superb. They don’t want feedbacks quite often and will be focused on the project with enthusiasm.  He has qualities to become a CEO or a manager. He is a smart and capable human.

Let’s check out what Sagittarius name says

S- Smart

A- Adventurous

A- Adventurous

A- Adventurous



A- Adaptable


I- Idealistic

U- Practical

S- Sophisticated

If you have a Sagittarian at your home you will love them because of 5 qualities these people possess-

  1.    These people mingle easily with people and get happy when everyone around them is happy.
  2.    They love creativity and explore things around which make them knowledgeable.
  3.    They are born leader and unique thinker. Their truth may hurt you but will never backstab you.
  4.    Their vision is artistic and they love museum, architecture, scriptures, book etc related to the art of the world
  5.    Everyone can trust them. They are highly honest and straightforward being. This is why they get respect in society and people.
Quick factsSagittarius Characteristics
Ruling PlanetJupiter
Represented byThe Archer
Ruling HouseNinth
Spirit ColorLight Blue
Lucky GemTopaz
FlowerThistle and Honey Sucker
Compatible withAquarius, Aries, and Leo
Key TraitsAdventurous, strong-willed, creative and curious
Positive traitsAmbitious, Lucky, Moral, Spiritual, Optimistic, Open minded, Versatile, Enthusiastic.

Famous Sagittarius Personalities

Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Mark Twain, Nicki Minaz, Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks, Bruce Lee, Pope Francis, Britney Spears, Katie Holmes, Rita Ora, Walt Disney, Billy Idol, Jay Z, Steven Spielberg, Raj Kapoor etc..

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